Tailored opportunities: PhD position: spatio-temporal data modeling and scenario testing using web-GIS at Wageningen University, the Netherlands


A formal program of PhD study will be organized jointly with the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing, Department of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University and Research (prof. dr. Devis Tuia). This implies that you would spend a significant amount of time writing a research proposal and publications, meeting with supervisors (weekly), following PhD courses (organized through the PE&RC Postgraduate school) and networking with other researchers. You would have to prepare and submit a research proposal after 6 months from the start of position, which would be evaluated at the PE&RC school level independently.


  • You have a MSc degree in the field of geoinformatics, geo-information science, environmental sciences, statistics and/or computer science.
  • You have a solid knowledge of spatial and spatiotemporal statistics and time-series analysis.
  • You have initial knowledge or FOSS including Linux OS, R, Python and/or similar.
  • You enjoy modeling and visualizing spatiotemporal phenomena such as land cover changes, land degradation / soil erosion, climate change indices and similar, especially using Google Earth and various Open Source software solutions such as leaflet, R Shiny, Geoserver and/or Cesium.
  • You have affinity to work with large multidimensional arrays including time-series of Sentinel and Landsat imagery.
  • You have sufficient knowledge of geo-databases and can independently install and upgrade databases (PostGIS, CouchDB).
  • You are fluent in English.
  • As a general requirement for the PhD promotion, you are expected to successfully complete the PE&RC postgraduate study programme, and produce, and have accepted for publication (as first author): 2 articles in Q1 or Q2 journals and 2 articles in other peer-reviewed journals (note: only articles connected with the topic of the thesis would count for this criteria).


Application Deadline: 24th of November 2019


Questions regarding this position can be directed to Tom Hengl, email: support@opengeohub.org

Applications, including (1) a CV, (2) a statement of your interest and vision, and (3) self-assessment based on the minimum requirements, should be uploaded via this link. Read more about the general submission procedure.

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