Tailored opportunities: PhD in Architecture ( Urban Metabolism for Advanced Nature-Based Solutions) at the University of Louvain, Belgium


The Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning (LOCI) at the University of Louvain is currently increasing its research capacity associated with urban sustainability and the Urban Metabolism approach more particularly. The doctoral research will be supervised by Prof. Daniela Perrotti. The distinct focal area of Prof. Perrotti’s research team consists of advanced urban metabolism  assessment methods measuring the potential of nature-based solutions to mitigate urban resource demand and associated waste and pollutant rejection.

Project description

The growing evidence-base demonstrating cities’ responsibility for accelerated natural-resource erosion and exacerbated impacts on climate change suggests the need for more systemic urban resource-demand mitigation strategies. In this sense, the popularity of Urban Metabolism assessment methods, and the mass-balance model for Material Flow Analysis (MFA) more particularly, reflect an increasing recognition of the need for a whole systems approach to natural resource management. Nature-based solutions provide nowadays an extensive reservoir of techniques and strategies to optimize the metabolism of cities through enhanced resource cycling and emission abatement. However, this reservoir is largely untapped in Urban Metabolism research, despite substantial progress in ecosystem-service knowledge and classification


  • REQUIRED EDUCATION LEVEL Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent Environmental science: Master Degree or equivalent



  • Minimum of a MSc Degree of 120 credits in relevant subject area: Industrial Ecology, Environmental Engineering, Urban Ecology or Environmental Sciences
  • Relevant MSc dissertation topic


  • Fluency in English (knowledge of either French, Dutch, Spanish or Chinese will be an additional asset)
  • Excellent written English communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Good presentation and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work independently within agreed guidelines
  • Commitment to developing internationally competitive publication profile

Specific Requirements

Relevant experience


  • Knowledge of and interest in the Urban metabolism approach
  • Knowledge of and interest in the “Ecosystem Service” concept
  • Previous experience in academic research (e.g. Master thesis, research assistance, article writing)
  • Engagement with quantitative and qualitative data collection (e.g. Master thesis)


  • General Urban Sustainability Knowledge
  • Previous experience in conducting basic system modelling (e.g. Master thesis)
  • Previous experience in conductinggeospatial analysis (e.g. Master thesis)


Application deadline is 25 Augusts 2019


Further details about this fellowship can be obtained from the supervisor, Prof. Daniela Perrotti: daniela.perrotti@uclouvain.be.

For detailed information on this opportunity click here.

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