Tailored opportunities: PhD position Integrated crop-livestock systems (ICLS) as a solution towards circularity in agriculture at the Wageningen University, Netherlands


With the chair group Animal Production Systems (APS) at Wageningen Campus we have a PhD position Integrated crop-livestock systems (ICLS) as a solution towards circularity in agriculture.
This PhD project will be developed at the special chair of Grass based Dairy Systems at the Animal Production Systems group of Wageningen University.

A PhD student to analyze the potentials of integrated crop livestock systems (ICLS) (at farm or regional level) to increase the resilience and eco-efficiency of agricultural systems in different regions of the Netherlands. The project is developed within the context of the new paradigm ‘circularity in agricultural production‘, indicating that animal-source food (ASF) should be produced primarily from human inedible by-products from the food system (e.g. crop residues, co-products from food processing, and food waste) and grass biomass. This paradigm seeks for a higher degree of self-sufficiency of the agricultural systems. For dairy systems, this means a reduction of external inputs of protein feeds (and thus costs) by increasing the share of protein produced from own grassland. Circularity of agricultural systems is directly coupled to the strategy of ecological intensification (EI), which means at least maintaining, better increasing the productivity (of protein and energy), but significantly decreasing the environmental impacts simultaneously. In this project, the analyzed environmental impacts will be restricted to abiotic processes and evaluated by the greenhouse gas (GHG) and nitrogen (N) impacts of dairy products.


For this interdisciplinary project, we are looking for an enthusiastic result-driven person with an appropriate degree in plant or environmental sciences, and an interest to work with other agricultural disciplines. You speak and write fluent English, and you communicate efficiently and excel in problem solving. You have experience in modelling, designing and executing experiments and are familiar with processing data. In addition, you are a team-player and are highly effective in time and project planning.


Deadline for application is 12 August 2019


We would like to receive your short motivation letter and CV 12/08/2019. Please do not email directly to the persons mentioned above, you can only apply via the website of Wageningen University & Research www.werkenbij.wur.nl

For more details on this opportunity visit this

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