Tailored Seminar report: Briefing seminar on “Tailored Opportunity” to staff members of Aksum University, Shire Campus Successfully completed


A briefing seminar was made with the staff members of Aksum University, Shire Campus. We have discussed on the nature of the opportunities, its importance to young and senior staff members. The participants were actively following the discussion they have directly take action to follow our blog. The number of participants were more than 35 academic staff members.


The target participants were the higher management officials or their delegates and myself


Thursday March 29 2019


The seminar was made through bimodal discussion with the officials


The benefit was two folds, first I was able to share my experience with the higher management officials who are expected to disseminate to all staff members of the University. Second, The Coordinator of Shire Campus, AKU (Dr. Hasen Ibrahim) and other staff members of the University has expressed the urgent need of such kind of opportunities and forwarded appreciations and suggestion for improvement. We are thankful for the comments forwarded.

I would like to thank, Dr. Tsehaye Asmelash (President of the University), Dr. Seyoum Abraham (Delegate of the Vice President for Academic Affairs) for organizing seminar through Dr. Hasen Ibrahim (Coordinator of Shire campus) and for providing me round trip transportation facility from Axum to Shire. Dear Dr. Hasen, thank you so much for mobilizing the academic staff members of Shire campus, AKU (more than 35 individuals) to participate in the briefing seminar with this short notice. Thank all for participating in the briefing seminar, you will be our ambassadors to share the opportunity to the wider audience.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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2 thoughts on “Tailored Seminar report: Briefing seminar on “Tailored Opportunity” to staff members of Aksum University, Shire Campus Successfully completed

  1. Thank you Dave for the seminar. I was very happy; first i know Dr. Mulubrhan while i was a first year student in MU, he was my teacher. I like his confidence and hand writing. When you brief us how started the Blog, i was very happy. You did a good job. Dr. Dawit i would like to appreciate all these achievements in just a decade. Thank you. I would like if could see you another time.

    1. Hello Dear Drs. Abadi, I would like to thank you for your kind words on behalf of Dr. Mulubrhan and myself. I am also happy that I met you as one of the participants of the briefing seminar at Shire Campus. It will be a great opportunity to meet you again as well.

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